About The Amoss Store

Content creation and sharing my years of drum and bass knowledge through tutorials has been at the forefront of my progression as an artist for a long time, and with covid effecting every musicians careers, it felt like the perfect time to sit down and think about how and where i wanted to take this project.
Patreon was the ideal starting point to gain a trusting audience and to grow my confidence with the content I was creating. I've created this website to make my whole back catalogue available with hours of tutorials, countless samples and stacks of Serum presets.
This then pushed me further to create a new series away from just Patreon bundles called The Ingredients focussed purely on sample, preset and audio effect rack packs designed to spark creativity and inspiration.
If you're interested in pushing your production even further then consider signing up to my Patreon live each month for access to a private Discord channel where you can chat with other like minded producers of all different stages in their careers, as well as receiving critical track feedback from myself of your work. Be the first to receive the latest content at Patreon.com/Amoss
I also now offer 1-2-1 tuition so please contact me at amoss.sonics@gmail.com for more information