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The Ingredients #003 / Serum Bass Preset Pack

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Introducing the third installment of The Ingredients series with a Serum bass preset pack!

I've wanted to further my preset work I've been doing through Patreon and put together a brand new collection of fresh presets that dive through the styles of drum and bass I love. From tearing reeces to FM stabs to warm harmonic modulating basses and everything in between. Its always a challenge to make polished sounds without the use of post processing but with this pack i've created solid starting points for you to develop, reverse engineer and process these sounds easily into your own work. 

With a lot of the sounds I wanted to push whats normally done with Serum packs and create really complex modulation and feedback loops that create endless 1 note hold movement. I hope this will level you up with your serum skills to see beyond what you thought was possible. 

Not only do you get the presets in this pack, there are also 40 resampled and processed sounds of mixed hits and loops to give you even more inspiration to see how far you can take these presets

Contents - 83 Presets (20 subs / 63 Mids) / 40 processed WAV hits and loops

Mad mid and sub presets which made my studio rumble. Very detailed and crazy LFO modulations and routings. Perfect for the dark and oldskool dnb which I love so much. I'll definitely use these in my own productions, but don't tell anyone please.

Amoss’s serum pack showcases what James is incredibly good at, making interesting sounds. These bass patches come with easy to edit parameters to make automation a doddle. His presets include a vast array of dark bass sounds covering the full scope of deep to tech drum and bass. Brilliant pack full of diverse Reece flavoured tech mids and thick modulated subs.

James has designed a pack with great variety and weight that's a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to make truly complex sounds in serum

I've been having a great time exploring this pack, full of great complex patches to start new tracks or shake off writer's block. The smart use of macros bring variety to the sounds which I really appreciate when sound designing.

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We've been having a lot of fun playing around with the Serum presets which are perfect for creating any kind of darker electronic music be it DnB, 140s or even Techno. A really good range of stabby, droning and rolling mid basses and a great variety of different subs. The Processed WAVS are also really tight and clean. 10/10 would reverse engineer.