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The Ingredients #005 / Audio Effect Racks

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I'm happy to announce the 5th installment of The Ingredients series is here. 

For this pack I've constructed 24 Ableton audio effect racks to help sculpt, enhance, morph and revive your sounds.

Check through the list and watch the video at the bottom for more insight into the pack

Please note - these racks are specifically designed for Ableton 11


Delay - HAAS Effect

Perfect drum fill effect that adds stereo imaging and space to your mix

Delay - Make It Simple

As it states, a quick delay sculptor with an added dry level macro control for buss compatibility

Drums - Flange Extreme

The OTT of flangers with one knob

Drums - Multiband Comp

Sharpen your drum group in seconds, lifting the floor, adding sparkle in the tops and tightening kick and snare transients

Drums - Parallel Compression

Parallel Compression made simple with just two controls, add dry level macro for buss compatibility

Drums - Snare Shaping

Add a sharper, sparkle layer to your snare with this attack / drive controller. There’s also a room reverb control to bring your snare into a space

FX - LoFi

Crunch your track with an old school tape cassette feel

FX - Pod Racer Riser

Shift the hell out of your sound with this out of control sound design rack

Lead - Add Presence

You can make even basic wave shapes sound impressive with this rack through compression, width delay, drive, glue compression and reverb

Lead - Multi FX

Emulating the effects control from my Novation Peak, I’ve set up a simple Chorus / Delay / Reverb chain

Mids - Filter Control

The perfect way to squeeze some juice into your track before driving that old school analog filter sound

Mids - FOTT

An extension of the Filter Control rack, this one crushes, squashes and drives harder with an aggressive EQ, filter and reverb section

Mids - Multi FX Rack

A great tool to add movement to your sounds with tremolo, filtering, flanger, chorus, 2 types of distortion, delay and the glue compression to tidy it all up

Mids - Sculptor

This rack is a lot more subtle than the sound design mid racks above. With Sculptor you can carve your track by cutting or boosting specific areas to tidy up the overall sound

Mids - Sidechain Reverb

A go to for adding reverb tails to mids without completely soaking your sound. This can be used in a subtle or aggressive way deepening on how you like your tail

Mids - Sound Design Rack

A step up from Sculptor adding pitch, drive, delay and flanger controls to process your audio

Mids - Vocoder Design

This is a favourite of mine as the formant shift control adds unique frequency shifting effects all whilst being over compressed for a sharp attack, perfect for stabs and percussion too

Reverb - Riser

A straight forward, go to, one knob effect adding huge reverb and space for the ultimate risers

Reverb - Room Control

My emulation of Valhalla plate and room reverbs, this is great for snares and hats to add a more live sound and add a sense of space to the hits

Reverb - Top Side EQ

A simple utility to boost the top end stereo signal for thin samples

Sub - Low Mid Harmonic Control

A dual EQ rack designed to quickly help boost low mid harmonics to add more presence to the audible range of your subs

Utility - 3 Band Split

Drop this on to your channel for 3 simple frequency split tracks, perfect at the start of your bass processing chain

Utility - Stereo Control

This can be used as a utility or effect with the added time feature making this effect a cross between The HAAS Effects and Top Side EQ

Utility - Tension

This tool is perfect before drops or switches, it controls the high and low frequency band gains whilst narrowing the mix closer to mono to give your drop way more impact upon release