Customer Reviews

Nebulous Concept - "For me, its been the quality of the content, the variety and the consistency. Ive cancelled most of my other patreons because you get random videos every now and then, usually on subjects you can find on youtube. With your content, I know i'll be getting 2 videos at the beginning of every month and every time its always a new technique or a new idea that gives me something to have fun with with until the next videos come out"
Indukt - "Even as an FL studio user, I can safely say that this Patreon has helped me reach professional sounding quality in a short period of time. The tutorial videos are in depth, focused and consistent. I've even signed music to labels I've looked up to. Strong recommendation to anyone willing to learn how to make sick bass music"
Noir - "Amoss' patreon is second to none. I started writing tunes 3 years ago and joined up with Amoss on his patreon shortly after. His detailed tutorials in topics such as sound design, drum programming and bass design right through to resampling samples and much more are in depth and very professionally done. The track feedback is also brilliant having a detailed breakdown of things that need work and professional advice has helped my music massively. The samples and presets that come in each months packs are of the highest quality and in my opinion better than anything you can buy on the web. I highly recommend anyone looking to join up to do so. It’s helped my music massively. Amoss is very professional in what he does."
Solace - "It's the refreshing new and qualitative sounds and presets every month that do it for me. The possibility to send a track in for feedback is amazing. The feedback is always really specific and very useful. Heavily recommend for everyone from beginners until long time producers.
Survey - "There aren't many producers out there going in depth like Amoss does for the deeper side of drum and bass production. His insights on Patreon are a must-see for any producer looking to make this sound"
DJ Komatose - "Honestly, this is the best dnb Patreon one can be signed up to. I’ve learnt a crazy amount"
Future Engineers - "I've been producing and releasing drum and bass for 24 years. The Amoss Patreon service has injected a new lease of life in to my production. The drum samples are of a high quality, helping to embed a solid foundation to build on, and I've picked up some invaluable tips and techniques that have helped me raise my benchmark and update my sound to current day standards. Highly recommended!"
TRicKLe - "The tutorials are very informative even though I’m on a different platform. James keeps the principles clear and the drum tutorials are excellent"
Arne Hanna - "Amoss' dedication to providing his Patreon supporters with guidance in both the aesthetic and technical dimensions in relation to the production of drum & bass is unmatched by anyone else in the field as far as I'm concerned"
Yakka - "I’ve been a Patron of Amoss since May 2020. Although all the content is of awesome value, for me the stand out feature is the in-depth track feedback. Amoss, always goes well beyond expectations, offering additional tips and tricks to help maximise the potential of each track sent I've sent through. Cannot thank/recommend Amoss’ Patreon enough!"
Krypta - "Amoss has greatly helped me to think outside the box, utilise fx properly, have a good insight on what to build within a track and how to make the most out of the elements I already have"
Dane Hutton - "Amoss' tutorials are a great insight into the mind of a top tier DnB producer. Easy to follow and understand, intuitive and comprehensive. I find myself incorporating many of these techniques into my own productions, his communication within discord and Patreon is a fantastic touch that adds a personal element to the monthly subscription"
MidKnighT MooN - "Amoss’ Patreon has helped me substantially improve my productions and has developed my knowledge to take my skills to the next level"
Chinny Chan - "I'm glad I found your Patreon and discovered your music. One of the best for content, tutorials and community out here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about DnB production as it helps me to grow as a producer. BIG UPS Amoss! keep doing what u doing!"
Rift - "Loads of great content and a great community on discord, the tutorials and personal feedback have both been massively helpful, I feel like I’ve come a long way since I joined"
N-mon1c - "The track feedback has been invaluable for me. It really pushed me to be a better producer. Amoss has taught me proper song structuring and how to keep the listener engaged. The Patreon has upped my game immensely"
Joe Brass - "I've been a part of Amoss’ Patreon since the start, and my production has improved massively. Every tutorial, whether big or small, there are always useful tips that have become a mainstay in my music and have helped turn ideas into polished projects. I can not recommend enough!"
Frosty Snare - "Amoss Patreon has helped me immensely. Amazing tips and tricks. The tutorials provide fresh assistance into professional methods to help your music develop. Money well spent been a member for 13 months"
N-Monic - "The Amoss Patreon has upped my game immensely. The track feedback for me has been invaluable. The video content has covered all the elements that I need improving on and the samples are very high quality. I've been a member since the very beginning and I'm not going to unsub anytime soon"
Dom - "Amazing tutorials from one of the best in the scene. James is very good at conveying, explaining and engaging with an audience with his tutorials. I’ve learnt more in the past 2 months than I have in 2 years of producing. It’s taken my bass design, drums and pads and how I approach making tunes to another level. Also every month comes with some insanely good sounding samples which will melt the face off of any mortal being"
Joe Clevey - "The Amoss producer pack is the best pack money can buy. I've been dipping in and out since it started and the months I've missed I bought from the Amoss store because they are so good! The tutorials are always incredibly in-depth and the amount of production knowledge I've gained has been invaluable. I personally love the serum patches you get each month and enjoy dissecting them and recreating them into my own patches. The samples are always high quality and add that little bit of ear candy I personally always need when making a track"
Dave Catalyst - "I’ve only recently subscribed to Amoss’ Patreon and am absolutely loving the content. The tutorial videos go deep in to some techniques I’ve never tried and have definitely helped me up my production game in a short space of time. I’m a Logic user and have found the tips can be easily applied across DAWs. Having a fresh selection of high quality samples each month really helps keep my creative juices flowing and provides a solid base to build something unique from"
Aaron Marana - "The man is a legend first of all. I just bought my first bundle and truly blown away how detailed every step is and will definitely be grabbing the rest. I'm new to producing and youtube wasn't really cutting it. There's so much out there that really never truly breaks it down and your tutorials are hands down worth every penny"
Ben Peskett - "I cant recommend this enough, firstly the tutorials are in depth and detailed and have helped me in my music journey massively. The track feedback is very helpful and having a detailed breakdown of your tunes helps massively for future productions. The samples are high quality and sound great and inspire to keep writing music"
Andrew Dempsey - "You have one of the best Patreons on the market right now"
Mat Downton - "I've been on Amoss' Patreon since it started and have learned more from the tutorial videos than I have anywhere else in 30 odd years of attempting to produce music. The sample packs are always relevant to the music I write and always varied in their content month to month. Keep up the great work"
Troy C - "Amoss' patreon is easily the best music production channel I've had the pleasure of subscribing to. The amount of content provided each month is amazing. The samples and Serum presets are worth it by themselves, but the tutorials are where Amoss really shines. They are highly informative, entertaining, and professional. I've learned more in the past year or so than I have in the 6 years that I started producing drum and bass specifically. It's also clear that a lot of the techniques in the videos are good for general drum and bass production and really any other genre. You will not regret joining this patreon."