Back On The Road

Back On The Road

It's been a long wait through this covid lockdown period but an even longer wait for me as my first few gigs were postponed to dates i was unavailable for. But last week I was back out in Bristol playing shows. 

The first was for Exodus Records at The Crofters Rights with Objectiv on Wednesday, I was proper wary when the guys said I'd be playing 1.30-2.30, midweek but the place was packed out. A few too many wannabe MC's turning up embarrassing themselves with bars like 'DJ, DJ, DJ, DJ' but thankfully they were taken off before i jumped on.

For the second show, me and the Flexout crew played for Alternate at 123 Space  a couple of doors up from The Crofters Rights which i heard is usually a bakery / church. The place was absolutely steaming with a low roof, basic ventilation and a killer sound system. Hands down the sweatiest rave i've ever played

Managed to get a bit of studio time in with Revan whilst I was in Bristol with some more time booked in next month too...

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