What is FM?

What is FM?

With so much talk of the power and capabilities of FM synthesis, what is it? And how to set it up...

In Xfer Serum, FM (Frequency Modulation) is a synthesis method that involves using one oscillator to modulate the frequency of another oscillator. This creates a complex and rich sound that can range from metallic and harsh to smooth and warm, depending on the settings used.

To understand how FM works in Xfer Serum, it's helpful to understand the basic principles of frequency modulation synthesis. In FM synthesis, a modulator oscillator (referred to as the "carrier") is used to modulate the frequency of a second oscillator (referred to as the "modulator"). The modulator's frequency and amplitude are used to control the carrier's frequency, resulting in a complex waveform that contains harmonics that are not present in the original waveform.

In Xfer Serum, FM is achieved using the "FM from Osc A" and "FM from Osc B" controls in the oscillator section. These controls allow you to choose whether Oscillator A or Oscillator B is used as the modulator, and to adjust the amount of modulation applied. When FM is enabled, the modulator oscillator's frequency is used to modulate the carrier oscillator's frequency, creating a more complex waveform.

The "Index" control in the oscillator section allows you to adjust the amount of modulation applied, with higher values producing a more pronounced effect. Additionally, you can adjust the waveform of the modulator oscillator using the various wave shaping tools in Xfer Serum, allowing you to further shape the resulting FM sound.

Overall, FM is a powerful and versatile synthesis method that can be used to create a wide range of complex and interesting sounds in Xfer Serum. By experimenting with different oscillator settings, wave shaping tools, and modulation amounts, you can create unique and dynamic sounds that stand out in any mix.


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