What to expect in my Patreon tutorials

What to expect in my Patreon tutorials

As I enter my fourth year of creating educational resources through Patreon and my store, there are so many topics I've been able to cover

Layering Drums: Learn how to create intricate drum patterns using multiple layers, and how to balance and process each layer to create a cohesive, punchy drum track.

Creating Unique Bass Sounds: Discover how to create distinctive bass sounds using various synthesis techniques and processing effects, and how to use these sounds to add depth and texture to your tracks.Vocal Processing: Explore different techniques for processing and manipulating vocals to create unique and interesting effects, and how to integrate them into your tracks.

Advanced Mixing Techniques: Learn how to use EQ, compression, and other mixing tools to achieve a professional, polished mix that translates well on any sound system.

Sound Design for Atmospheres and Pads: Discover how to create immersive and engaging atmospheres and pads using various synthesis and processing techniques, and how to use them to add depth and emotion to your tracks.

Arrangement Techniques: Learn how to structure your tracks to keep the listener engaged and interested, and how to use different techniques to create tension and release throughout your music.

Creating Drum Fills and Breaks: Explore different methods for creating dynamic and interesting drum fills and breaks, and how to use them to add energy and excitement to your tracks.

Sampling and Chopping: Discover how to chop and manipulate samples to create unique and interesting sounds, and how to use them to add character and personality to your tracks.

Creating Melodies and Harmonies: Learn how to create catchy and memorable melodies and harmonies using various scales, chords, and progressions, and how to use them to create emotional and impactful music.

Creative Effects Processing: Experiment with different effects processing techniques to add texture, movement, and interest to your tracks, and how to use them to create unique and dynamic sounds.

All this and so much more, check out the collection, browse some packs and check the previews to see which ones are for you

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